What Is The Greatest Virtue?

Many people search the world for the greatest virtues they can possess. They read book after book and talk to different people and even travel all over the world in search for this virtue. What is this virtue? Where can it be found? Contentment is one of the greatest virtues one can have. Even Godliness, if it is not accompanied with contentment, is not gain. It is one of the important universal values everyone must possess and yet doesn’t. It is often considered to be mysterious and a secret, but it is a simple truth we can all understand and yet find it hard to live out in our day to day lives. The art of contentment is to primarily understand the source of our contentment – God. Despite our present circumstances, whether rich or poor, healthy or sick, famous or unknown, tall or short, beautiful or ugly, big or small, successful or unsuccessful, we can still find true contentment in the One who never changes and has promised us eternal life in His son Jesus Christ. While the world is chasing everything and anything to fulfill their lack of contentment, we can rest assured that as Christians, we have already obtained it when we believed in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Do you find yourself pursuing the passing pleasures this world has to offer? Do you feel a sense of deep dissatisfaction with your current circumstances? Perhaps, you are disgruntled with your spouse, your children, your job, your church, your occupation, your country, etc. In short, all of us, if we are to be true to ourselves, have discontentment in some areas of our life.  I cannot say I have mastered this lesson, but I can say I am one step closer. Contentment releases the chains that have bound us to our desires and the expectations that we place on ourselves and God. Unless we apply the truths outlined in the scriptures that deal with contentment, we will have to face hard challenges that face us each day. To delight in the simple gifts that God blesses us with each and every day should never be taken for granted. The blessings are right in front of us if we just choose to look more carefully.

Let us forsake that which so easily entangles us and press forward to the upward calling of forsaking our earthly pleasures, carrying our cross, loving God, loving our brethren and be filled up with the attitude of contentment. May this book draw our hearts ever closer to the true source of our contentment so that we can say with Paul the apostle, “…for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances” (Phil. 4:11).


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