Are We TRULY Thankful? Unseen Blessings that Can Change Our Lives

We are to be thankful despite the circumstances we face day to day. Who are we to be thankful to? Who is the object of our praise? Our thanksgiving must be directed to no other than to our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise Him today and tomorrow and the next day and until your last breath! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

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Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 7.37.14 AM PLEEEEAAASE. Just ONE enchilada. I will love you FOREVER!

One thing I’ve learned is that happiness is a fleeting shadow. Contentment and gratitude are all that last. When circumstances dictate how we feel? Just accept that life is going to feel as if we are strapped to Hell’s Tilt-A-Whirl.

Because cats will never puke on tile instead of carpet, cars break, sinks leak, pipes bust, bills come, illness happens, kids act up, family WILL make us nuts, work will suck, some people will NEVER learn not to CC ALL in an e-mail, and the news will always be filled with the worst examples of “humanity.” EVERY network will spew doom, gloom, division, hate and hopelessness.

On the other side of that?

We also live in a society that tells us everything should be a highlight reel, that everyone ELSE is living a highlight reel, when truth is? That’s a…

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