The Advent of Christ

So, you have almost survived the holiday season.

You survived all the Halloween costumes and candies; you survived the Thanksgiving holiday with the turkeys and stuffing; you survived the crowds on Black Friday at the mall; and, finally, you survived surfing the web on Cyber Monday to get your last minute Christmas deals.

Is this what the holiday season is all about? Eating, buying and shopping? The holiday season is resoundingly more than just a season of consumerism and helping the economy to score numbers in the black.

The holiday season is more than that. It is about the advent of our Lord Jesus Christ. The prophets in the Old Testament had spoken about this baby that would be born in swaddling cloths in Bethlehem. The shepherds, the three wise men, and the angels were all happy about the coming of our Lord. This holiday season should be a time of reflection on the first coming of Christ and the imminent expectation of his second coming.

Before you head out into the frenzy of panicking into the wilderness of shopping, stop and ponder the real reason of the season.  Don’t let the culture or the multi-million dollar commercial campaigns get to you. It may be difficult to see past all of that, but it is imperative to see the Lord in the midst of all the buying and selling and decorating. Remember, Christmas is all about Jesus Christ and not about Santa Claus (sorry kids). Santa Claus was a real person who was a pastor and loved Jesus Christ. He would be appalled at what people have made him out to be. He would flip in his grave, if he could. The real Santa Claus helped people to see Jesus and did not get attention to himself.

The focus of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our savior Jesus Christ and the anticipation of his second return as king to judge the world and reign forever.


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