God’s Best For your Life Now

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7 Gifts Husbands Should Give Their Wives


As Valentine’s Day approaches many husbands are wondering what they should buy for their wives. This year don’t settle for the typical chocolate and flowers. Give her something that transcends the materialism that fills that day. And, no I’m not talking about Continue reading

Dual Citizenship


Many individuals around the world have dual citizenships. They live in one country and can freely travel to and live in another country because of their dual citizenship. It’s very convenient and works quite well for some people. Continue reading


God’s Best For Your Life Now!

Thank you all for praying for me. God has answered our prayer. The news is finally here!!

After 3 years of God working in my life challenging me and testing my faith, I feel like a pregnant woman who has just given birth and I am not a woman. Continue reading


Important News

Big News

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